Shareholder FAQs

I would like to receive regular email updates on Norcros plc's activities. How can I arrange this?

We provide an email update service, forwarding all Norcros' Regulatory News Service announcements. To register for this service please complete our email alert registration.

How do I sign up for shareholder e-communications?

As an alternative to receiving documents through the post shareholders can receive important information online, including annual and half year reports and notices of meetings. Registering for e-communications also enables shareholders to obtain secure online access to personal shareholding details, change address details, request new share certificates and check dividend payments. Norcros’ registrar, Link Group, manages our e-communications. Please contact them via giving your name and address and ask to sign up for shareholder e-communications.

When does Norcros plc announce its financial results?

Please see our financial calendar.

When is the next Norcros plc Annual General Meeting?

Please see our financial calendar.

If I change my home address who do I need to contact to still receive shareholder information?

Norcros' registrar, Link Asset Services, manages the Norcros shareholder register. Please confirm your name, previous and new addresses to Link Group, in writing or via, and they will update the register accordingly.

If I change my email address who do I need to contact to still receive shareholder email updates?

Please re-register using your new email address.

I have lost my share certificate. What should I do?

Norcros' registrar, Link Group manages the Norcros shareholder register. Please contact Link Group; they will carry out the appropriate checks and issue a replacement share certificate.

How do I sell my Norcros plc shares?

You may use a share dealing service such as those offered by high street banks or stockbrokers.

Where is Norcros plc listed?

Norcros (NXR) is fully listed on the London Stock Exchange in the construction and materials sector.

Where is the price of our shares quoted on the stock exchange?

The FTSE ticker for Norcros is NXR. Prices are listed daily within the construction and materials category of the shares section of the Financial Times.

I have recently changed my name. What should I do?

Please write to Link Asset Services giving: your old name, your new name, and a copy of any legal documentation, such as a marriage certificate or deed poll. If your name has changed as a result of a separation or divorce and you wish to revert to your maiden name, a copy of your birth certificate is required. Further information can be obtained from Link Group.

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