Consolidated Cash Flow Statement

Year ended 31 March 2018

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  Notes 2018
Cash generated from operations 25 23.5 25.5
Income taxes paid   (4.9) (1.9)
Interest paid   (1.1) (0.9)
Net cash generated from operating activities   17.5 22.7
Cash flows from investing activities      
Purchase of property, plant and equipment and intangible assets   (7.7) (8.0)
Acquisition of subsidiary undertakings (including payment of deferred consideration) net of cash acquired   (59.1) (2.7)
Net cash used in investing activities   (66.8) (10.7)
Cash flows from financing activities      
Proceeds from issue of ordinary share capital   32.1
Costs of equity issue   (1.6)
Purchase of treasury shares   (0.4)
Costs of raising debt finance   (0.6)
Drawdown/(repayment) of borrowings   35.0 (6.0)
Dividends paid to the Company’s shareholders 26 (5.0) (4.2)
Net cash generated from/(used in) financing activities    59.5 (10.2)
Net increase in cash at bank and in hand and bank overdrafts   10.2 1.8
Cash at bank and in hand and bank overdrafts at the beginning of the year   6.6 3.1
Exchange movements on cash and bank overdrafts   0.5 1.7
Cash at bank and in hand and bank overdrafts at the end of the year   17.3 6.6


All note references relate to the 2018 Annual Report.