Our Board and management

A strong leadership team committed to driving our strategy for growth.

Gary Kennedy Chair

Appointed as Non-Executive Chair on 8th December 2021.

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Nick Kelsall Chief Executive Officer *

Appointed Chief Executive Officer on 1 April 2011

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James Eyre Chief Financial Officer*

Appointed Chief Financial Officer 1 August 2021

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David McKeith Non-executive Director

Appointed to the Board in July 2013

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Alison Littley Non-executive Director

Appointed to the Board in May 2019

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Richard Collins Company Secretary*

Appointed Company Secretary and Group Counsel in June 2013.

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*Group Executive Committee

Senior management

In addition to the Directors, key members of the senior management team include the following:

Thomas Willcocks
Group Business Director – UK *

Appointed Group Business Director – UK on 1 August 2021

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David Tutton
Managing Director, Triton

David joined Triton at the beginning of 2014 as Business Development Director.

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Iain Gibson
Managing Director, VADO

Iain joined VADO in 2019 and was appointed Interim Managing Director in April 2020.

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Stephen Dixon
Managing Director, Johnson Tiles

Stephen is both a Chartered Accountant and a qualified engineer.

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Richard Wallis
Managing Director, Norcros Adhesives

Richard is a qualified engineer with an MBA from Lancaster University.

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Nick McGrellis
Managing Director, Croydex

Nick joined Croydex as Managing Director in 2007.

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Matthew Pitt
Managing Director, Abode

Matthew became Managing Director of Abode in March, 2020.

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Charlie Soden
Managing Director, Merlyn

Charlie joined Merlyn as Managing Director in 2010.

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Kevin Swan
Managing Director, Norcros SA

Appointed Managing Director of Norcros SA 1 August 2021

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