Shareholder services

Welcome to the shareholder information section of our website. Here you will find useful information about our Company and our advisers. Please click on the quick links below to find exactly what you are looking for:

Summary information

Please find a summary of our market, index and sector.

Financial calendar

The list of Norcros plc's key financial events can be downloaded straight into your calendar.

Meetings and voting

We have listed all of our Notices of Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meetings, in addition to the results of these meetings.

Registrar's services

There are a number of facilities available, many of which are online, via our registrar's website.

Corporate advisers

From  bankers to our registrar, you can find a list of our corporate advisers here.


Please find a summary of shareholder information, including how the Dividend Re-Investment Plan works and the benefits it brings.

Articles of Association

Our Articles of Association form the constitution of Norcros plc, which states the regulations governing the relationships between our shareholders and Directors of the Company.

Shareholder FAQs

Our shareholders often ask the same questions, so we have provided a list of our frequently asked questions.

Shareholder fraud

Beware of share fraud - FCA advice