RNS news

As a company listed on the London Stock Exchange, we are required to make a formal Stock Exchange announcement on any event that has a material impact on our business. Stock Exchange announcements are delayed by at least 15 minutes.

20-Dec-2012Price Monitoring Extension
12-Nov-2012Director/PDMR Shareholding - Replacement
12-Nov-2012Interim results
01-Nov-2012Notification of Major Interest in Shares
31-Oct-2012Directorate Change
23-Oct-2012Notification of Major Interest in Shares
07-Oct-2012Notification of major interest in shares
03-Oct-2012Trading Update
01-Oct-2012Notice of Interim Results
30-Sep-2012Total Voting Rights
26-Sep-2012Notification of Major Interest in Shares
26-Sep-2012Board appointment
17-Sep-2012Second Price Monitoring Extn
17-Sep-2012Price Monitoring Extension
21-Aug-2012Annual Information Update
12-Aug-2012Director/PDMR Shareholding
31-Jul-2012Total Voting Rights
25-Jul-2012Result of AGM
25-Jul-2012Board Change
25-Jul-2012Interim Management Statement
24-Jul-2012Price Monitoring Extension
23-Jul-2012Price Monitoring Extension
22-Jul-2012Notification of Major Interest in Shares
05-Jul-2012Holding(s) in Company
21-Jun-2012Second Price Monitoring Extn
21-Jun-2012Price Monitoring Extension
20-Jun-2012Director/PDMR Shareholding
20-Jun-2012Preliminary Results
05-Jun-2012Holding(s) in Company
22-May-2012Notice of Preliminary Results
13-May-2012Second Price Monitoring Extn
13-May-2012Price Monitoring Extension
25-Apr-2012Price Monitoring Extension
11-Apr-2012Trading Update
02-Apr-2012Second Price Monitoring Extn
02-Apr-2012Price Monitoring Extension
01-Apr-2012Voting Rights and Capital
14-Mar-2012Second Price Monitoring Extn
14-Mar-2012Price Monitoring Extension
13-Mar-2012Second Price Monitoring Extn
13-Mar-2012Price Monitoring Extension
08-Mar-2012Second Price Monitoring Extn
08-Mar-2012Price Monitoring Extension
08-Mar-2012Director/PDMR Shareholding
08-Mar-2012Director/PDMR Shareholding
05-Mar-2012Notification of major interest in shares
15-Feb-2012Interim Management Statement
08-Feb-2012Second Price Monitoring Extn
08-Feb-2012Price Monitoring Extension
06-Feb-2012Notice of IMS